Become a designer

How would you like to be a Designer of MY RUG?
It is very simple. Don’t miss this opportunity not only to gain but also to have visibility all over the world.

If you are an Architect, a Designer, a Student of architecture or an interior Designer with good ideas, send them to us and you will be part of MY RUG.

Why do you give this opportunity?
Because this is our Web 2.0 philosophy of global sharing and democratic design.
There are innate talents not yet discovered and people with great ideas who have never been taken into consideration. This is the right occasion.

Fist of all a little brief on the carpet and how the project should be made:

Our custom-made carpets are exclusively hand-knotted and, therefore, have specific features:
I point out the word “hand-knotted” because it could be confused with “hand-tafted”, which means that it is made with wires shooting gun, having a completely different quality.
The hand-knotting is done on looms like a thousand years ago while the hand-tafted is a semi-mechanical processing of lower quality.

The materials used are : or 100% wool, or 50% wool and silk, 100% silk.
The carpet’s hair may vary from 5 to 10 mm, height. It is, therefore, possible to imagine to have some parts deeper than others because there are different height levels.
The may have fringes or not..
The pattern must have defined colours, not shades.
The colours belong to the configuration palet and are 160.

The concept patterns or models must respect three proportions and basic forms.
The rectangular of 3x2 m, the circle with a diameter of 2 meters and the stair-carpet of 1x5 m.
It will be possible to change the shape, size, colours and composition of the materials used for every model.

The sizes

Esempio formati

For example

Esempio formati

What could you lose?
A couple of hours to think about what to propose.
Nothing and, if you are lucky, and your designs are appreciated, you can make money.

What do I gain?
First of all, you will be given a royalty contract, according to which you will be recognized a percentage for each rug sold. Moreover, you will have a global visibility worldwide, either because our company works in the international designing field and because the collection will be sold worldwide.
You will be part of those Designers working in the world famous Italian designing field.

How is the project made?
The project must consist in the 3 conceptual patterns and in the 3 agreed shapes, saved in pdf format and vector-made.
The vector-made model is essential to consider the project.

How can I send it?
You can send it via e-mail at or with floppy disk by ordinary post to:
Via Delio Tessa, 1
20121 MILANO – Italy
Phone + 39 02 866.838

Are there any periods of the year where the projects are not accepted?
No, we accept them all year.

Do you accept any kind of projects?
Of course not. We have our internal committee who examine the projects and answer to all those requesting acceptance to the project.

Which are the key points of the royalty contract?
First of all, the design or concept of the carpet. If it is selected and takes part of the collection, it will become of our exclusive property regarding the use and the image, while the Designer will remain the holder of intellectual property and the paternity of the project.

The recognized royalty will be equal to 4% of the sale value (VAT excluded) plus an extra royalty of 5% in the case the Designer himself sells it or proposes it in any of his/her projects.

A practicle example:
The is an order for a carpet designed by you in 100% wool, measuring 3x2 meters at the cost per square meter of € 750,00 (VAT included).
The total cost of the carpet ordered (that is 6 square meters) will be equal to € 4.500,00. Excluding VAT, we will have € 3.700,00.
The 4% of € 3.700,00 is € 148,00, being the amount we will pay to you against regular invoice.
If you were to sell or propose it, the royalty will be 9% of € 3.700,00, that it is equal to € 333,00.

The profit possibilities are very high.

Can you pay royalties without invoice?
No, it is not possible. The invoice is essential both for legal and tax reasons.
Payments will be made at the end of each month and only against the beneficiary’s regular bill.

The co-operation alternatives could be cumulated?
No, if you are a Designer you cannot be a Retailer or Affiliate and, consequently, Retailers cannot be Affiliates.
The discounts and the roialtyes are not summable.
In the case of such an event, we will only consider the highest persentage but not both sums.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity and become successful Designers.