Beyond The Rug...

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It could happen: you have ordered a rug, and now that you imagine it in your home, you think that it would be great to have curtains or sofas with the same contemporary exclusive pattern, or with a special syntony of forms and colours of the rug.
You can ask us these things which, we of Il Piccolo can design just for you: handmade wallpapers, curtains, tapestry. Every type of fabric: from linen to cotton, up to silk velvet.
They are produced by us or by the best Artisans we know, who can just be in Nepal as well as in England.
Or, the marks of Horta and the colours of Rothko that we propose in “My Rug” inspired you another idea? A personal idea, coming from an Artist, a picture, a logo, a landscape, a colour that you love and that you would like to integrate in your home or office. We can examine your idea and suggestion: we will, then, create exclusive rugs, wallpaper and fabrics, for surroundings that fit you, in which you can live and work in harmony.
They could be houses but also offices, hotels, public areas, stores or showrooms in which to impress a soft sign of creativity, singularity and beauty.

Services and design costs

Exclusive creative study on the basis of the idea sent by e-mail:

The cost considers an average of costs per project, which may vary according to the design complexity. For every idea, Il piccolo supplies three different drawings and sends them to the Client in Adobe PDF format.
Once the pattern is choosen, for the rug the realization cost is the one calculated with My Rug.
However, regarding the fabrics and wallpapers, it is also necessary a printing system for every new drawing, whose real cost is:

Any system can still be used both for the fabric and the wallpaper, while the minimum quantity of 20 meters can be a mix of the two.

Supply of fabrics and wallpapers:

The wallpapers, which are ordered by meter and not by roll, are handmade and present some particularities, compared with the industrial ones.
First of all, the height: real 140 cm., with 2 cm. of selvage each side, against the standard 70 cm.
Then, the percentage of 70% of cellulose, which gives the wall matter consistency and vibrating colours, like the surface of a painting.

All prices include V.A.T.
They are meant per meter and for a minimum order of 20 meters per patterns, accumulable between different fabrics and wallpapers (i.e.: 20 meters could be divided into 10 mt. of velvet + 10 mt. of wallpaper).

If you wish to know more about our designing services and discover what we can do for you “beyond the rug”, please contact us: