The FAQ of My Rug

How can I be sure that the colour of the rug actually is the one I saw and chose on the video?

In fact, as for all artisan products, the absolute certainty does not exist. We professionally scan and codify all colours, but there could be a little difference between the colour you saw on the video and the real colour of the wool. For this reason, after you have confirmed the order, ask us to send you a sample of the colour yarn that will be really used.

How do I order a rug?

It is very simple. After you have personalized the rug, the order is confirmed by e-mail and a down payment of the 30% is made.

Do prices include V.A.T.?

Yes, V.A.T. is included. For exports to extra Eu-Countries, you have to deduct the Italian 20% taxes from the cost of the rug and add the taxes amount corresponding to your Country.

How can I pay?

You can pay via:

  • credit card through our e-shop
  • bank wire transfer
  • international banker’s draft

What are the terms of payment?

  • 30% of the total cost in advance; to us, this is the order confirmation: as soon as we receive it, we start the actual production.
  • balance before shipment.

What are the shipping methods and costs?

Charges depend on the dimensions and destination of the rug.
The shipment can be:

  • EXPRESS: our Workers take the rug straight to your home
  • IN GROUPAGE: an external Carrier delivers the rug to street level, not to your home
  • CARRIER OF YOUR CHOICE: you can choose the Carrier that will pick up the rug from our warehouse in Varedo (Milan). We will let you know weights and volume of the goods beforehand.

How can I be sure that what you ship is really what I ordered?

Prior to delivery, you can send one of your appointed Persons to our warehouse to check each element that you have bought.

What is the estimated time of delivery?

Each rug is personalized and hand-crafted. For this reason, it cannot be prompt delivery. On average, delivery is effected in 12-14 WEEKS, starting from order confirmation.

What happens if I decide to change my mind and cancel the order?

You can cancel your order within 7 DAYS FROM CONFIRMATION and, in any case, if the rug has not already entered the production cycle.
In the case of a design consultancy, where this has already started, you will have to pay for the time spent by our Experts so far.

What should I do if the rug is damaged on arrival, or if there are any other problems

If you notice the damage before the Carrier leaves, accept the delivery document conditionally.

In any case, please CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY and we will explain what to do.

If the case of MANUFACTURING FAULTS, we will replace the rug with no further costs.

If it has been DAMAGED DURING TRANSPORT, please note that the goods are insured. We will let you have the Insurance Company’s details and, if it is about our Carrier, we will follow the mater ourselves.

In fact, we insure all goods, but are not responsible for the shipment.

If the shipment is not handled by our vehicles and Personnel, we suggest you use solid wood cases or crates, for which an extra cost must be added.

If I wish to order other fabric fittings having the same pattern or matching with the rug’s style, should I still contact you?

Certainly. Il Piccolo has its own tapestry laboratories, with Designers and Artisans of high professionality. Have a look at the page “Beyond the rug”.

We realize any kind of furniture, according to the Customer’s drawing or our Architects’ planning.

Visit our web-site: you can see directly our works and also the products of the best Italian Design, which we display and sell in the Brera showrooms.

Are your rugs only for privates or also for public areas?

We design rugs for every environment: houses, hotels, meeting area, boutiques, offices and showrooms.

Can I contact you directly?

Of course. For every order, there is a Person to refer to.

Our contacts are:

  • email:
  • phone: ++39 (02) 866838, ++39 (02) 864819
  • fax: ++39 (02) 72022889

If I wish to come and see your products and talk to you in person?

By all means, come and see us. We are in the Brera district, in the heart of Milan, Via Delio Tessa, 1 (angolo Garibaldi).

If you wish, call us before in order to make an appointment. This way, we could talk quietly about a project or a supply together with our Architects.

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