My Rug: a contemporary , unique rug made just for you

The exclusive pattern is designed by us, starting from the fascination of an Artist, a sign, a colour or a geometrical form.
We found the most prestigious wools in New Zealand and Tibet. In Nepal, expert Weavers knot rugs one by one, by hand.
Have a look to our drawings and choose the one that best fits your home, office or your life-style. Then, try to change colours, shapes and dimensions.
Once you have designed “your” rug, you will find out that this exclusive creation costs less than you imagine: this is because “My rug” is a virtual lab in which converges only what is needed: our ideas, your indications, experience and culture of the best contemporary made in Italy.
At this point, you can order it and wait for its arrival at home, as to unroll all its quality and beauty.

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