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Do you have a portal or a website that produces many contacts and you are interested in gaining new customers?
If so, you have found the right affiliate program!

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in the first and only affiliate program in design with good profits ( 15% of the purchase value of the carpet, excluding V.A.T) and the maximum trust and transparency in payment.

How does it work?
It is easy: you insert our products in your website with a link or banner (which you receive when you are registrated) and for each browser buying one of our products or services, you will earn commission.

For example:
If the purchaser, sent from your website,  buys a carpet measuring 3 mt x 2 mt all in wool ( the price per square meter VAT included is € 750,00) the rug value is € 4500,00.
The percentage given to you of 15% (excluded VAT) on the value of € 3750,00 (excluded VAT) is a royalty of € 562,50.

Not bad for a single sale

How does it work technically?
Every time a browser of your site clicks on our link he allots him a cookie (it is a recognition file) for a term of 10 years. With this cookie, every time this browser will place an order on different periods and/or  different products) you always earn the estimated commissions.
This commission will be automatically recognized and paid monthly.

To sign up now click here – the registration is free and once you signed up you can enter in your control panel where you find all links and banners to start promotion on your site.

What do I lose if I join your affiliate program?
Absolutely nothing! Become our affiliate it’s free and takes only few clicks. Now fill in the registration form and in few minutes you will be operating.

Below are the most frequent questions that addressed to  us:

How does it work technically the identification of the browser?
Our affiliate program is very powerful and precise; technically it works in this way:

  1. when your browser clicks on our link/banner, he receives a cookie (a hidden file that allows to identify the source from your site)
  2. when your browser will purchase an our product and make a payment, the cookie allows to credit to your account commissions set. (this happens even if he buys after)
  3. This cookie will be active for 10 years. This means that if the browser were to buy in a month, in a year or even 10 years you will still receive commission set (of course if he doesn’t delete cookies)
  4. At the same time, if the browser had to make other acquisitions of other products you continue to earn commission for any other products or service sold.

To sign up now click here

How do I know if and when one of my browser has purchased your product?
The crediting of your commission is done manually by our accounting department and it is effected on receipt of the balance from the customer. This means that from the order, 3 or 4 months will go by  before the purchase is completed.

Furthermore  every time a payment is made, you will receive a confirming e-mail with all order details.
If you want you can always connect to your control panel to check all order details (address, name, surname, etc..)

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What happens if the payment is not a successful?
Simply let us know and we will remake the payment. There are not automated program but people.

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Can I buy your products using my affiliate program?
No. The purchase of our products for personal purpose using its affiliate link (to reduce the price and/or to earn commission) it is not allowed. Fees for orders in a personal capacity will be cancelled.

How and when do you pay?
The payment is made montly and via bank transfer or, if you prefer, by cheque.

“My Rug” affiliate can rely on a really quick and efficient service. The payments, shipments of products and transparency on the order procedures and costing committees are all elements distinguishing ourselves and for which we spend all our energies.

Please note: the purchase process will require at least 4 months to be concluded.
The products we sold are made solely by hand and require a minimum period of 3 months after which we will receive the balance and credit in our turn your affiliate percentage.

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How do I become your partner?
Once you have finished reading all the information about our affiliate program, please follow these directions:

  1. Fill in this form in each part
  2. After a few moments, your request will be accepted and  you will receive by e-mail your password to enter in your control panel; here you will find all the tools to start the affiliate program
  3. Through the control panel you can also check in real time your earnings and all details of each order.


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Can I choose how to promote on my website your products/services?
Sure! You can give free play to your imagination and creativity to promote our products and services. Consider that the example included in your control panel are those that give the best results.
It is forbidden to deceive Internet users with deceptive messages or contrary to the law of morality and social ethics.

Where should I publish on my website your text links?
You are free to place our link in any web page of your site. But obviously if you point out our products on your home page you will have more chances of visits and therefore earnings.
From our own  research we discovered that the most clicked pages are home pages where there are news and special sections divided by topic.

Can I sell your products/services  directly on my site?
Unfortunately not. We are only responsible for the sale and delivery of our products.

How can I join the affiliate program?
It is very simple. Just fill out this short form and in less than 5 minutes you will receive your personal affiliation password that will allow you to access to your control panel.
Here you find all links, banners and helpful tips to start immediately the affiliate program; you can also check all details on order, on commissions you earned, on payment you received.

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