About Us

My Rug is an idea of Il Piccolo Srl, a Company in Milan who has been planning and realizing exclusive interior Design all over the world for over thirty years.
From houses to offices, from hotels to shops.
Spaces and atmospheres of which we take care of every little object and detail, as to create quality, long-lasting, beautiful and evocative things.
We rely on our antique artisan knowledge, the habitual visiting of the best made in Italy design world, the passion for our work and incurable curiosity for innovation.
In particular, tapestry is in our genetic code, because we were born in the fashion and design Capital as expert Upholsterers. Therefore, it is natural that our first web service is about rugs.
Contemporary, original rugs of exclusive patterns, which are entirely hand-made and knotted by using the richest Tibetan and New-Zealand wools.
Our rugs can be personalized and easily ordered on line, but they are all made one by one like a thousand years ago, in order to last and give warmth for many, many years.
These rugs will, in turn, become antique and valuable too, thin but very strong.
Rugs which are certified “Fair Trade” and produced with respect of rights and dignity of the Artisans.
If you wish to know us better, visit our web-site.
If, istead, you wish to follow us day by day in our work and discoveries in the world of the interior design, visit our blog.